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Flexor Tendon Sheath Retractor and Suture Retriever/Sheath Dilator

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Use Flexor Tendon Sheath Retractor and Suture Retriever/Sheath Dilator kit in the repair of lacerated digital flexor tendons.

Flexor Tendon Sheath Retractor and Suture Retriever/Sheath Dilator are NOT intended for implantation.


Flexor Tendon Sheath Retractor and Suture Retriever/Sheath Dilator kit includes one Sheath Retractor with a large and small tip and one Suture Retriever/Sheath Dilator sized to fit inside an empty flexor sheath or between the sheath and its tendon.




FTRT-instructions-3-no-second-useFlexor Tendon Sheath Retractor and Suture Retriever/Sheath Dilator kit is sterilized for single use only.  As a result, do not re-sterilize the tools.



The instruments supplied arrive sterile, in a dual-compartment pouch.


There are no known contraindications.


These instructions are based upon current experience. The physician may wish to vary the procedure in accordance with clinical judgment.


The instruments have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture.


Sheath Retractor

  1. A transparent polymer helps make visualization via the Flexor Tendon Sheath Retractor (FUNNEL) easier during of the surgical process. Owing to this, it can tunnel the severed tendon ends through the tight pulleys of the flexor tendon sheath. At the same time, the FUNNEL relies on the fact that tendons are relatively compressible. As a result of this malleability, you can reduce the cross-sectional areas of these tendons by compressing them circumferentially.
  2. The FUNNEL includes large 4mm and small 2.5mm members to accommodate most flexor tendon pulleys. The FUNNEL also works as a retractor for the flexor tendon sheath to allow for easy access to the surgical repair site of a lacerated tendon by exposing the tendon substance while retracting the flexor tendon sheath and protecting it from inadvertent suturing or damage.

Suture Retriever/Sheath Dilator

  1. The Suture Retriever/Sheath Dilator (RETRIEVER), a device made of a flexible thermoplastic material, retrieves sutures from within the flexor tendon sheath. Because the tip on the distal end of the shaft curves slightly upward, it can facilitate insertion into the tendon sheath. Additionally, the tip has a concave lower surface and convex upper surface, to streamline it. It also tapers in thickness from 0.7mm distally to 3.5mm proximally with a hole in the more distal region, which accommodates the suture. The RETRIEVER has a handle for ease of manipulation.


  1. Firstly, the RETRIEVER advances through the empty flexor sheath in a retrograde direction, from the site of the distal flexor stump to the site of the proximal flexor stump.
  2. Then, the proximally retracted flexor tendon stump is sutured, leaving the suture ends long enough for retrieval.  (The surgeon may elect to leave the needle attached to the suture)
  3. After this, the free ends (with or without the needle) of the suture pass into the hole on the tip of the RETRIEVER.
  4. Following this, the RETRIEVER is pulled distally to retrieve the suture (and needle) through the sheath.
  5. Lastly, the FUNNEL rests at the entrance of the flexor tendon sheath prior to pulling on the free ends of the suture.   The suture ends are pulled; the tendon pulls into the sheath with the FUNNEL in place to ease the tendon into the sheath.
  6. Finally, to dilate a contracted flexor tendon sheath, the RETRIEVER advances through the sheath with a controlled force to dilate the sheath. Once the RETRIEVER works through the tendon sheath, it may alternatively pull with a controlled force from the tip to advance the RETRIEVER and dilate the contracted sheath. Finally, the RETRIEVER stays in place for a few minutes to distend the flexor tendon sheath, taking full advantage of the visco-elastic properties of the tissue.

Suture Retriever: Final Notes

  • Exercise care to avoid damaging the sheath when using the RETRIEVER as a sheath dilator.
  • NOT Intended for Implantation

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For implantation instructions, refer to the Flexor Tendon Repair Tools Surgical Technique Guide