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PANTERA® represents the next generation of fixed angle modular fixation, expanding the scope of treatable injuries and dramatically influencing the lives of both patients and surgeons.

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TOBY’s revolutionary device can be used to treat a wide range of injuries, from the most simple two part fracture to complex four part fractures, often supplanting the need for costly and painful shoulder replacements.

In its most basic construct, PANTERA® offers thoughtful, anatomic design. The low profile implant is available in both left and right configurations. Unlike other plates on the market, which all feature square non-contoured proximal portions, PANTERA®’s true anatomic design minimizes the potential for impingement. The plate’s posterior profile is designed to address the common displacement of the humeral head posteriorly and act as a buttress.

Innovative suture clips offer endless possibilities for reconstruction of the soft tissues and comminuted bone. This is especially useful when repairing ruptures of the rotator cuff associated with some humerus fractures or when repairing soft comminuted tuberosities. The suture clips also act as extremely low-profile extensions of the plate to buttress the thin comminuted cortical bone of the tuberosities.

In complex fracture scenarios, PANTERA® offers unequaled stability. Patented Cross Element Technology minimizes loss of reduction and protrusion through the articular surface of the humeral head. Because of this, PANTERA® patients experience less pain and quickly regain their range of motion.

The PANTERA® Plate is available in 6 lengths, ranging from 73mm to 220mm, in both left and right configurations.

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