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Get On Top Of Your Physical Therapy With Three Great Tips

At Toby Orthopaedics, we’re very proud of our orthopedic implant production services. With high-end flexor tendon, proximal humerus, and long bone fixtures for use in a variety of applications, we’re a leader within our industry. But there’s no use in surgical implants if you’re skipping out on your rehabilitation every week. So, today, we’re proud […]

The Humerus Fracture | Analysis of a Broken Upper Arm

The Humerus is the long bone of the upper arm. A fracture is a broken bone. When these two come together, big problems can arise, usually needing surgery to fix properly. Here is an analysis of the Humerus fracture by Toby Ortho. The Anatomy The humerus connects the shoulder to the elbow. The proximal humerus […]

Bone Screws 101 | What Are The Types?

Since 1912, with William O Sherman’s idea to use screws to heal bone, bone screws have been in constant use. Since then bone screws have become much more unique. But before we get into the different types of bone screws, let us outline the functional purpose of them. What are Bone Screws For? The primary […]

Where is the Orthopedic Implant Market Headed for 2019?

Due to technological advancement, the orthopedic Implant market is experiencing a crazy increase throughout the whole world. Why is this happening? Studies show that higher numbers of fractures and osteoporosis have catalyzed the industry by forcing out more sophisticated implants. Where is the Orthopedic Implant Market Head for the future? With high numbers of people […]

When is It Necessary to Remove Surgical Implants

Implants are used by surgeons in a variety of surgical operations. It could be repairing fractured bones, alignment altering, or reconstructing damaged joints. They are designed to properly align bone and joints during the healing process. While they are mainly meant to stay in the body, sometimes it is necessary to remove surgical implants. Here […]

Orthopedic Plates Explained

Using screws and plates for fracture fixations is a process with a lot of benefits in broken bone treatments. It’s also under a lot of developments in recent years, as researchers and experts refine these components for better comfort. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the fascinating world of orthopedic plates, their history, […]

The Three Types of Broken Shoulder

A shoulder injury is more than just a little painful. It can be debilitating to live through, and the recovery process can take multiple months. And, yes, it’s extremely painful as well (not to mention uncomfortable). But did you know that there are actually three different varieties of shoulder fracture? From a broken shoulder proximal […]

How Does A Bone Fracture Repair Itself?

How Does A Bone Fracture Repair Itself?   Breaking a bone is, typically, the worst thing most of us can imagine. Whether in our own lives or for those of the people we love, there’s something about a broken arm, leg, or that seems uniquely terrible. Which is interesting, when you consider that approximately 6.8 million […]

Types Of Bone Fracture: A Breakdown

So, you’ve Googled “types of bone fracture” and you’ve gotten more results than you were counting on. A lot more. This is no surprise. A bone fracture can be a complicated process. After all, when it comes to accidentally breaking, shattering, or fracturing the bones in your body, the circumstances are always different. And that’s before […]