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About Us

Toby Orthopaedics is a pioneer of next-generation medical technology and devices, providing simple, elegant musculoskeletal solutions uniquely engineered to effectively treat even the poorest of bone structures. Founded in 2003 by hand surgeon Eduardo Gonzalez-Hernandez and Christine Menedis, Toby’s early years were busy. Building an intellectual property portfolio of ideas inspired by orthopedic dilemmas in the operating room, the company began to grow.

What began as an idea-house has undergone numerous evolutions. Today, TOBY is a focused operation with a simple goal. To provide patients from around the world with innovative movement solutions focused on enhancing wellness and quality of life. Due to this drive, constant research and a relentless strive for excellence keep TOBY at the forefront of the healthcare design community. Toby Orthopaedics is based in Miami, Florida.