Proximal Humerus Plate System

The next generation of fixed angle modular fixation.

Pantera® is a state-of-the-art proximal humerus fracture plate.

  • It is the only plate with suture clips for easy repair of the rotator cuff.
  • The only plate with advanced option for cross screw fixation for resisting humeral head collapse.
  • The proprietary technology provides lesser tuberosity fixation options.

Pantera® was designed to help surgeons restore fracture stability even when the bone is severely osteoporotic.

The suture clips, which are unique to Pantera®, make it easy to repair rotator cuff tears.

Pantera® is a low-profile plate which can be used as a conventional locking plate.

The surgeon might also invoke the most advanced features of the system including crossing screw fixation of the humeral head to minimize humeral head collapse.

The cross-screw system is also ideal to provide fixation of the lesser tuberosity making Pantera® the optimal plating system for addressing lesser tuberosity fracture fixation.

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