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The locking screw forever changed the way surgeons thought about fracture fixation. Now the WOLF® trauma system is changing the way surgeons think about locking screws.

catalog nos: TO-WOLF (and associated numbers)

The WOLF® plate minimizes the possibility of long bone fracture propagation by using a staggered array of holes. To this point, it allows for:
  • staggered screw fixation mounted non-perpendicular to the plate.
  • two divergent screws per hole.
  • using a peg rather than a screw (allowing for smaller holes).

The use of divergent pegs in a locking configuration is ideal in the setting of osteoporosis. With its minimally invasive techniques, where every fastener counts, this is especially true. The surgeon has the advantage of deciding which domain of the screw hole in the plate to use. It is critical when the plate is not exactly positioned parallel to the long shaft of the bone. This is frequently the case in long bone fracture trauma.

TOBY’s state-of-the-art WOLF® system includes stronger plates, dedicated to fractures of the humeral shaft. There are also thinner, lower profile plates dedicated to fractures of the long bones of the forearm. This includes long curved versions, as well. *With such a varied plate lineup, the surgeon will always have access to the right implant for a given injury.

A total of 16 anatomy-specific WOLF® plates are available in lengths ranging from 70mm to 226mm.

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