Long Bone Plate System

The locking screw forever changed the way surgeons thought about fracture fixation. Now the Wolf® Trauma System is changing the way surgeons think about locking screws.

The most versatile long bone fracture fixation system.

  • Enhanced fixation options only available in Wolf.
  • Ideal for fractures in the humerus as well as in the forearm.
  • Ideal for severely comminuted fractures.
  • Ideal for revision surgery.
  • Ideal for bridging and minimally invasive techniques.
  • The best fixation for severely osteopenic bone.

Wolf® is the most advanced long bone fracture fixation system

Features staggered screw fixation

The only plate with the option for placing two divergent locking screws in the same hole.

State-of-the-art design to provide the best options for revision surgery, severely comminuted fractures and severely osteopenic bone.

Wolf® provides the most options for upper extremity fractures from the humerus to the forearm.

Patents: U.S. 8,764,808