Zone II: A Closer Look

zone II

In the orthopedics industry, flexor tendon injuries are common enough. Because of this, we’re fairly well versed in the multitude of techniques to treat these injuries.

Still, with all of the progress in this field, Zone II injuries are a difficult issue for most hand surgeons. The results have definitely improved, but Zone II engineering is a fast-developing industry for a reason. This is because it is a particularly difficult area to simply “fix”.

Today’s article will focus on the current status in Zone II flexor tendon injury repair.

What Are Flexor Tendon Injuries?

Flexor tendon injuries are fairly well understood, but actually don’t account for many of the hand injuries seen each year. Managing these injuries usually comes down to a specific surgical procedure. This can be a significant challenge because the results are often unpredictable.

The area of the palm of your hand immediately before your fingers start is known as Zone II. Injuries to this area can result in paralysis or dysfunction of the fingers associated with it. Zone II injuries are also almost always the result of some form of laceration.

Repair Standards

Luckily, Zone 2 repairs have gotten much better as we’ve developed our understanding of flexor tendons in general. Repair of the relevant tendons can be carried out via debridement of the FDS stump, or repair of one or both tendons FDS tendons.

Having your Zone 2 tendons repaired is obviously ideal, but depending on the specifics of your case, may not be possible. When the cut ends of the tendons are too far retracted, for instance, considerably more work has to be done to “milk” the palm and bring the distal ends closer together. It’s not impossible, it just means more work and a higher chance of discomfort for the patient.

Of course, once any significant flexor tendon repair has been carried out, you have to make sure you have the components to help you recover fully. Toby Orthopaedics is Central Florida’s leading producer of orthopedic implants to restore function after a range of orthopedic issues. Visit us today, to find out more about our incredible product line, or call us at 305.665.8699 to speak to an agent!