When is It Necessary to Remove Surgical Implants

Remove Surgical Implants (Demo)

Implants are used by surgeons in a variety of surgical operations. It could be repairing fractured bones, alignment altering, or reconstructing damaged joints. They are designed to properly align bone and joints during the healing process. While they are mainly meant to stay in the body, sometimes it is necessary to remove surgical implants.

Here is how to tell whether you do or don’t need to remove a surgical implant.

How to Know

There are a few different circumstances that call for the removal of a surgical implant. Some doctors may require removal with high ankle sprains. However, when something goes wrong with the implant, there will be a necessity to remove it.

Metal irritation is usually the cause of removal, but the doctor will still have to determine if the irritation is caused by the metal implant. Irritation can cause  pain and pressure on insertion points.

As implants do not offer anything in terms of healthy healing, infections can be the most serious circumstance in which you would need to remove your surgical implants.

It is important to remove implants that cause irritation because tendonitis can come up as a result of not removing them.


Removing metal implants can be complex work, especially in implants that have been in for a long time. Deep implants can experience the same level of complexity as well.

Some of the difficulty comes with the fact that predicting whether the pain will stop after a successful removal is hard to do. Complications like, nerve damage, bone weakness, and infection can arise during the procedure. Consult an experienced Orthopaedic doctor to get the best advice on implant removal, or other alternatives that are lower risk.

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