Where is the Orthopedic Implant Market Headed for 2019?

Orthopedic Implant Market (Demo)

Due to technological advancement, the orthopedic Implant market is experiencing a crazy increase throughout the whole world. Why is this happening? Studies show that higher numbers of fractures and osteoporosis have catalyzed the industry by forcing out more sophisticated implants. Where is the Orthopedic Implant Market Head for the future?

With high numbers of people with obesity, and those who have a more sedantic lifestyle, the implant market has been growing due to the higher need for efficient implants.

Also, with more developing countries, orthopedic implants are becoming much more accessible. However, factors like pricing and regulations have stopped the expansion of the orthopedic implant market from gaining all the traction it could.

The implant market is forecasted to reach a 4% growth in CAGR from the year 2019 to 2023, with an expected growth of 6.8% from 2019 to 2025. The industry is moving fast due to higher numbers of people not only requiring implants, but increased accessibility as the market has opened up globally.

As the need for medical implants grows companies are spreading their wings to create more efficient designs. New product launches help in boosting the market, as new products will be available.

Companies have been hard at work, trying to create implants that are long lasting, lightweight, and with low risk of side effects. And with the arduous competition that perpetuates these companies creations, the market will experience an even greater growth in 2019- 2025.

The market is expected to reach $42.2 billion by this year with ever-growing numbers in the years to come. Technological advancements have perpetuated this growth, especially the use of 3-D printers which making designing new metal implants much easier.

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