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TOBY products are true contributions, forever changing the way surgeons view and solve orthopedic dilemmas. This decade is seeing governments and healthcare institutions around the world waking up to the global osteoporosis epidemic, allocating resources for its prevention and treatment.

Osteoporosis and related poor bone quality issues are not only issues of public health, but also of economics, as they constitute the most common world-wide cause of chronic disability, the most common world-wide cause of long-term absence from work and one of the greatest world-wide causes of hospital stays. Proper treatment, with creative devices that minimize the risk of surgical failure and optimize patient recovery, is the key to saving resources and time for healthcare systems and patients around the world.

TOBY recognizes the vast market need in addressing the rampant global phenomenon of poor bone quality. The first company of its kind to incorporate such thinking throughout its product line, TOBY devices simultaneously facilitate treatment of simple, universal injuries and expand the treatment opportunities to enable surgeons to successfully address even the most difficult injuries and patients with confidence.

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